Hi, I am Mieko Sie

L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MSTOM

Mieko has been in alternative health and wellness field since 2004 in San Diego County. Starting off as a Holistic Health Practitioner/Professional Massage therapist, she had worked in destinations spas and chiropractic offices.  After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Communicative Disorders from San Diego State University in 2001, she decided to do multiple racing events in running and Triathlon at the time. She had a Sports Injury during this time that interested her in using Acupuncture for the pain that was happening. It became an absolute miracle for the physical discomfort, reliever for stress, and became a necessity in her overall health and wellness. Due to these life changing events she attained her Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and was Board Certified in California in 2008.

There are a wide variety of patients and pathologies that come through her office. Her specialties that she most often sees are Women’s health: Fertility, Pregnancies in all different stages, Postpartum, and Stages of Menopause. Also most often seen is severities of Chronic and Acute pain in a wide range of ages as well. The majority of patients seen are cases of stress which can be variations of anxiety or depression.  She’s most passionate about assisting others with their mental/emotional health. Chinese Medicine has a philosophy of treating the mind and body as it’s believed that they are not separate. If the mind is experiencing stresses such as fear, worry, sadness, or anger then the body can eventually create disease with these emotional issues.

Mieko is a Native to San Diego and resides with her 13-year-old dog Bella in Carlsbad. She has an active lifestyle running, doing yoga, and practicing her love of Hula.

Your Body Detective, Compassionate Ear, and Fertility Mentor

Whether you come in for chronic/acute pain, needing to unwind from stress (anxiety and/or depression), or you are looking to boost your fertility before doing any assisted reproductive western therapies, we are here to customize your sessions to what you need. Some patients need more wellness coaching due to how their emotions can effect your body. In Chinese Medicine (and in other disciplines) we believe that the body can physically present symptoms when we are under types of Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual stress. Other patients will need more hands on work with Acupuncture and/or Acupressure due to helping rehabilitating an old or a new injury.

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