Hear from my clients

I’m proud to have such incredible client feedback over these 13+ years of practice.

Client Success Stories

” I’ve been a patient of Mieko’s for 4-years. I look forward to her revitalizing treatments every time. Mieko is intuitive, thorough, extremely gentle, and smart. She masters the art of pulse taking and knows how to balance my body for optimal functioning. She also integrates other modalities to enhance healing. She is passionate about what she does and her needle skills are completely painless. She uses the highest quality products and has a heart of gold. Mieko is absolutely wonderful! ”-


” I’ve been seeing Mieko for treatments since my first pregnancy in 2014. She provided acupressure as well as a form of pain relief during my labor when needles were not allowed at the hospital. She has the hands that heal. She utilizes everything from cupping to acupuncture to Mental-Emotional Release in one session. One session with Mieko and you’ll understand why I keep coming back to her. She incorporates energy work into her treatments and it’s mind blowing! ”-


” Mieko has shown me that she has a unique skill of bringing relief and comfort with acupuncture and message through her healing hands.  I was not a true believer of acupuncture until she introduced me in her kind way and showed me the results that her therapy provides.  Whether it has been sore muscles, sprained ankles, IBS and vertigo, she has provided such results.  I like that she has a science and artistic approach. “


” I have known Mieko Sie for approximately 9 years. I became a routine client in 2015 when I had some health issues including back and muscle pains.   Mieko did a great job providing much needed relief.   Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Again, she was able to start me on a treatment regimen that alleviated many of my symptoms.  When I leave her treatments, I always feel very relaxed and calm which helps with stress and anxiety.  Mieko is a true healthcare professional with high ethics, who is able to work with individual clients to address their particular needs.  She gets positive results and I highly recommend her services. “


” I have been a believer in acupuncture and have been a client of Mieko’s for about 5 years.  She is far beyond any acupuncturist I have ever visited and I have recommended “Healing Hands” to many friends.  Whether the treatment is for bone bruises and knee sprain, sinus discomfort or sore muscles, she had provided relief every time.  I visit her for a treatment of acupuncture and acupressure regularly. She has increased the quality of my life with her treatments and has allowed me to do the things I really enjoy – walking and gardening. ” 


” Mieko has helped me immensely through her in-depth knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She begins every appointment with an intake conversation to customize the treatment according to what your body/mind/spirit needs, holistically combining multiple modalities. In my treatments, she typically incorporates acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, and guides me through meditation techniques to deepen my breath and enhance relaxation. My partner is less interested in meditation, so his appointments focus just on modalities like acupuncture and cupping, also with great results. Mieko customizes each appointment to you: what you want and need, what you are comfortable with, how you want to experience healing. She demonstrates the most elusive, valuable attribute of a great healthcare practitioner: she listens and provides what you need. “


” A friend referred me to Mieko after I was diagnosed with adult asthma after a year of consistent sickness and hospital visits. Mieko’s approach to healing goes beyond holistic. Her methods and style are therapeutic and corrective; her overall demeanor is kind, caring, and genuine. Between my treatments with her and the Chinese herbs I have been taking per her recommendation over the past year, I am back to running long distances (after a year of not being able to), am rarely sick, and feel stronger physically and emotionally. Mieko is a true healer and I could not recommend her more highly. “


” Mieko is truly a gift. The minute I walk into her treatment room I feel calmer and less stressed. Mieko is so knowledgeable in all areas of therapeutic massage and acupuncture. I have learned so much from her and I am so grateful she is part of my wellness journey. “


” Mieko is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family. I started going to her when I was trying to get pregnant and she has helped me through a difficult pregnancy and beyond. My husband and I now both see her regularly and she has truly become an extension of our family. Her genuine kindness and caring spirit are a testament to how much she wants to help your individual health goals both mentally and physically. I had never done acupuncture before stumbling across Mieko and I can say that it has been life changing. I have sent many friends int to see Mieko who all agree that her service is first-class. I could not recommend her more. “


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