The following are questions that are frequently asked by new patients. If you have a question about acupuncture or herbal medicine that is not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Its purpose is to relax your nervous system by activating your Parasympathetic Nervous system. (the opposite of the fight/flight sympathetic nervous system). When your body is in deeper state of relaxation there is increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and the body is able to use it’s innate healing capacity quicker. Stress emotionally and physically are reduced as well.

We do a brief and thorough medical intake of your past/present medical history. I take your pulses which gives me an idea of the state of your organ systems and overall body. I may do some physical examination to get more of an idea of what may be going on at the time whether it’s pain, discomfort, temperature, and any visual irregularities going on with the body.  Then we go into the actual acupuncture session. I may or may not utilize any of the other modalities along with the acupuncture. Also, as for the acupuncture part, fine gauge filiform needles are gently inserted into the prescribed acupuncture points. Filiform means they are microscopically serrated for easier insertion. Patients will generally feel anything from a tap, to a sensation going down their body areas, or a pressure in the local areas. It lasts for less then a second.  Most people are used to the thicker Hypodermic needles from the Hospital and are expecting a sensation of that kind with ours. Most people get very relaxed and at times fall asleep. These sterile one time use needles are disposed of in Sharps containers thereafter.

It will all depend on the severity of the issues going on. Some with more chronic issues/pain will need continuous/periodic sessions. If the issues are more acute with pain/discomfort then it may be more sessions that are scheduled closer together.

 I don’t prescribe Chinese Herbs and I do have a great referral network of those that do. I prefer to first work with a patients diet, suggesting certain supplements, and other natural modalities before referring out for the Chinese Herbals.

I accept cash, credit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Cash app (square), and some forms of out-of-network insurance. If you would like I can have my biller pre-verify your insurance prior to you coming in. That way you can find out if that’s a possible option for you.

Yes. You will receive a confirmation 24-hours prior to your session. This is to ensure that if anyone else would like to use the session then the appointment is open to them. I usually have a wait list for others that need sessions. If you do not cancel within 24-hours of your session then you will be charged 50% of your session. Or if you have a package then ½ of a session will be deducted from it.

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