Health Coaching

  • Guided Meditation

Using breathing techniques and visualization. This process can be facilitated in person or video-call. Meditation has numerous benefits to calm the nervous system, ease stress, and boost immunity. A Harvard University Neuroscientist found in research that mediations can alter our neurology significantly and reduce stress. Just 5 minutes a day or more can significantly improve health.

  • Hypnotherapy (or Hypnosis)

Hypnosis is the practice of relaxing the conscious mind to a trance-like state, and bringing the subconscious mind into a heightened state of awareness that is more open to positive suggestions. So for example, when a Hypnotherapist works with a client there are suggested specific goals in mind and techniques used.

  • Neurolinguistic Programming

This is a system intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication. This is how we communicate with ourselves (inner dialogue) and how we communicate with others. This creates our perceptions and our emotions in our world. Certain protocols one-on-one to help influence the neurology and alter the perceptions in to a more positive state.

  • Huna-Hawaiian Shamanistic Energetic Practices

This system comes from a 29-generation Hawaiian Lineage passed down from Dr. Matt James from Uncle George Na’ope and the Bray Family from the Islands of Hawaii. It uses a Shamanic system of Spiritual Psychology to help what known as the 4 bodies- Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical.  Spiritual Psychology processes as well as “energy” is used to help facilitate the processes.

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